4 Practical Tips That You Should Know When Doing an Importation from China

Are you planning to make imports from China? But, you are still a beginner on this, and you are also not very familiar and knowledgeable


in doing this kind of transaction. To help you with that problem, you can read the list below that shows the practical tips that you should know when doing an importation from China.

This is the list of the practical tips that you need to know when you do an importing from China.

  1. Analyze the Particular Rules and Policies

One necessary thing that you must do when you are about to make imports from China is that you should carefully analyze and review the particular rules and policies which you will need to comply regarding this transaction. You should know that these rules and policies are always required in all imports that you have to make, whether in China or other countries it may be. And also, these rules and policies can vary in number depending on the product’s type you are importing from them. And by analyzing all of these things, you can avoid yourself from experiencing troubles and problems in the customs.

  1. Opt For Trustable and Reputable Suppliers from China

The next one is that you should only choose those suppliers from China who are trustable and reputable in this field. This is a very important thing to consider since that by choosing an untrustworthy one; you can have a bigger chance that the products you are importing may be confided in the customs which can result to additional and high expenses for you. It is very advisable that you do a background check on the list of Chinese suppliers you will be choosing to know them and their products much better.

  1. Establish Sales Agreements

After choosing your trust-able and reputable supplier from China, another thing that you should also do is to establish sales agreements with them. We had issues on a number of products because of this. This is very necessary for you to do so that you can have claimed to these suppliers if ever that your importation with them encounter some possible problems. You just need to make sure that all of the important details you want to put in it would not be left behind.

  1. Consider Choosing the Best Way of Transport

And lastly, you have to consider choosing the best and ideal way of transport; either it will be transported internationally by water or by air so that you will be receiving the products in safe and good condition. You can choose which of these two ways will be the best and ideal one that will meet your required standards, preferences, and more importantly your budget. You should know that by making decisions about this matter always depend on your needs.

Now that you have an idea on what are the practical tips that you should know when doing an importation from China, you also have useful knowledge that you can apply regarding this matter.

The 3 Strangest Businesses We’ve Ever Worked With

Bit of a casual, funny post today as sometimes you know life just gets too serious.

Today I’m going to talk about the funniest companies we’ve ever worked with. These are the type of companies you question if they ever actually exist. And if they do then just HOW?

Nevertheless there have been a few strange ones that have come our way for consulting over the last few years. I’ve had permission from everyone here and the one that I didn’t I’ll just keep the identity of the business secret. So let’s go.

1.) Baby Business Photography

This is the one that’s kept secret and probably because its only a sub division of a large corporation. There are many photography elements you can go down and corporate photography or baby photography are 2 very common and profitable avenues for you to choose. But Corporate baby photography? That’s a new one for me. Things like the below are what they were looking for, things that are kind of funny and can be used in marketing material.

Baby Laptop

Looks like me when I’m trying to solve some new app or work out an algo update!

2.) Reclaimed, unclaimed, remade antiques (from the UK)

This company coined themselves as uk architectural antiques and I mean I love the company loads and still work with them to this day, but when they first told me the business model I was a little confused. They have furniture and accessories they have reclaimed and then remodel them slightly and sell them on. Sounds relatively straight forward…It is not. But nevertheless some of the things they create are really interesting.

Reclaimed art

Pretty interesting stuff. If you are looking to get some funky pieces of furniture for your house or business I can assure you this place will not have any competition when it comes to duplicate styles or having the same pieces in other locations!

3.) Marbles. Just Marbles?

The final company sold just marbles, nothing else. Now that sounds pretty normal right? A company builds a product and then sells those. The issue was the number of variations. There were thousands upon thousands of variations of these products. Packaged in different ways. Probably well over a million variations of very similar items when you think about it. 10,000 types that could go to 1000 different stores. Interesting but from a data point of view a bit of a nightmare and this was their biggest problem.


Why Should You Purchase a Hybrid Vehicle?

Lamborghini HireI’m writing this post to talk about the best decision I’ve made in the past 3 years. Why I sold my Lamborghini and now only rent or hire one if I need too. Why I feel everyone should take the plunge!

More and more cars that use a combination of fossil fuels and electricity are being produced nowadays. And with the latest developments in automotive technology, it is a practical thing to do when you decide to drive a hybrid car. If you do not already own a hybrid car, you may want to consider trading in your old vehicle and having it replaced with a hybrid one. There are certain advantages to driving a hybrid car. And if you are not already convinced that you should be driving one, here are several compelling reasons for purchasing a hybrid automobile.

The first reason why you should buy a hybrid car is that you can save a lot of money on fuel cost. Hybrid cars are just way more fuel efficient, and they will use up significantly much less gas than other kinds of automobiles. And with the rising costs of fossil fuels, it is even more of a rational financial decision to get a hybrid vehicle. You will be amazed at how fuel efficient these kinds of cars are. And they are also going to help you save a lot of money in the future because you will not have to buy so much gas anymore. In fact, a hybrid car can start paying back for itself because you end up saving so much money on fuel costs.

You can also combat climate change by purchasing a hybrid car. It is without a doubt that climate change is one of the most pressing problems in the world today, and left unchecked it could also be problematic for future generations as well. Therefore, it is a very pressing issue that needs to be solved. And one simple solution that many people can try out is driving a hybrid car. Car emissions count for a significant percentage of total greenhouse gas emissions which are causing climate change. So you should drive a hybrid car because it will emit much fewer greenhouse gasses. If you drive a hybrid automobile, you will contribute less to climate change.

If you are worried about the performance and speed of a hybrid car, there is no reason for you to be at all. Gone are the days of hybrid cars being slow and bulky. There are many manufacturers such as Tesla that are making hybrid supercars. These hybrid supercars are every bit as fast and powerful as traditional sports cars. And they are more advanced because they are packed with the latest technologies. These hybrid sports cars are also better for the environment as they are more fuel efficient. So if you want the most recent technology as part of your sports car, you should purchase a hybrid one.

Driving a hybrid car can be one of the best decisions that you can make. You should start searching for one right now. You can find all sorts of cars that are hybrids such as sedans, SUVs, family cars, sports cars and more. So there is no shortage of different kinds of hybrid cars that you can buy.

Although the new hybrid Lambo is taking my fancy!


How To Scale A Security Business

This is a quick post about a friend of mine who is based in the UK and owns a company called Nortech Control, this company provides access control, vehicle detectors, ANPR and a bunch of other very important items to improve the security and the overall safety of a business. In this post I’m not going to talk about their business, instead I am going to talk about what made them so successful and how they scaled well to avoid any issues when it came to hiring, employment and most importantly keeping the business running smoothly as possible from day 1 to day 5000. It’s a great story and very simple too, I hope you enjoy.


entrepreneurIt has to work without you there!

This is the key to all business. This is the key that most people ignore or just forget to implement in their business. It’s what (generally) the parents, friends, family of the entrepreneur don’t understand. You only worked 4 hours this week? Don’t you think you should work harder? Is the often question they used to ask. The issue? They are in a job where they trade TIME FOR MONEY. You are in a position where if you work 100 hours you might make 0 Money. But if you have set-up you business correctly then you should not have to input time for money, you should input systems and have semi-passive profit as a result. It’s amazing how many people go into business but do not understand the principles behind business. You aren’t trying to do everything yourself, if you were you may as well go get a job, instead your business has to work without you there. If you get run over by a bus then your business should still be able to survive!

E MythSellable Assets (Not selling you)

Build profitable assets and systems. Don’t just work hard for your business. You need to work hard ON THE BUSINESS. It might sound strange to someone who has not set it up correctly. But do you ever feel that you’ve started this business and all you ever do is work harder than you did before? Well that’s because you haven’t set it up correctly. The worse thing? You aren’t creating value or sell-able assets, you’re just working, grinding, and that is not something that someone else wants to do. This means that no one will buy your business even if you do make it semi-profitable. Create an automated, systematised business. There is a very good book on this model called the E-Myth, if you are in business and you haven’t read this book, I HIGHLY recommend it!

Don’t work hard, work smart (After day 1000)

Work Smart Not HardThere is no doubt that you have to work extremely hard, long hours when you first start a business. This is now encapsulated by the Youtubers and modern businessmen like Gary Vee and Pat Bet-Davis, but there is no reason why you can’t work very hard in the start but then instead of working hard you begin to work smart. This is why most people can’t actually own a business. They don’t set it up for success or to be automated (what we talked about above) they instead see it as a way to get out of a bad job or a boring 9-5. But the truth is (especially in the beginning) the 9-5 becomes to the 8-8 7 days a week. You will be working more than you ever imagined. If you don’t set it up correctly to work SMART in the long run, you will just have a more stressful, harder job than you thought.

That’s everything for this post, I hope you enjoyed reading. Remember to share and comment if you enjoyed. Thanks for reading. Jon.

Scaling the Unscaleable (Supercar Business)

Scaling A BusinessToday I’m going to talk about something I learn from someone very close to me, my business mentor. As you’ve probably seen on the site before we are starting to talk alot about scaling businesses. This is because most people struggle when it comes to actually scaling businesses. They can set-up a good product, market it well, but as soon as it comes to scaling the process and earning the highest profit with the most efficiency, suddenly all common sense and business points go out the window. Today I’m going to talk about a couple of things that helped me to scale the unscale-able. How he scaled his supercar agency without having the capital to even purchase a car!

This data was pulled from London supercar agencies. These are rental agencies of all models and also collect data on supercar trends and prices. It was also his first business and how he learnt the keys behind scaling business correctly. Reading supply and demand, managing cash flow and finally using credit wisely. These are the 3 points I’m going to talk about today, they are all references of his business as I know a lot about it from the talks over the last 3 years, but the points can be pulled and re-framed to any business in the world!

3 Tips to Successfully Scaling Your Company

Supply Demand1.) Understand Current & Future Supply and Demand

Supply and demand are the basic economic principles and they also apply to all businesses in the world. If the supply increases you can either increase the demand through increasing the number of products in the marketplace or you can increase the price. The easiest way to see this in action is to look at gas prices. When petrol increases in price and oil per barrel prices increase, then you will look at the price on the pump increase in the same way. When the demand drops, the price will drop. Understanding this in your business type can give you a huge advantage, mainly when it comes to cash flow and having what you need in stock on specific dates and not wasting time in storage or having cash tied up in stock when the market isn’t ready for your product.

Cash Flow Image2.) Manage Your Cash Flow

Cash flow is the number 1 killed of start-up businesses. 80% of start-ups fail inside 2 years. This is due to either a.) Running out of money. Or b.) The market changing in such a way that their product or service is no longer viable. Although both can happen the first is the most common issue start-up and small businesses face. This makes managing your cash so important. Understanding demand is the first step to this. Utilising credit correctly is another step which we talk about below, but the easiest one is simply not to scale too early. For example saving 0.50c on a unit price might seem great, but if you have to spend $5,000 additional for this order then you might be better off having a smaller number of items and just take the slight hit on the profit margin. I have personally made this mistake multiple times.

Credit3.) Utilise Credit Correctly

Credit is such an ugly word in 2016. But in my opinion credit utilised correctly is the quickest way to make a successful business. There is no doubt that you need capital to make a successful business and sometimes people simply don’t have the means to save up a large amount of money in a short period of time. Instead of spending 2 years trying to save this money the better option is to look for long term credit. The best type is obviously a business loan, but sometimes this isn’t possible, so instead I would recommend utilising 0% credit cards for as long as possible. Some people think this is a very risky strategy, personally I think business in itself is a risk and if you don’t think you can pay off a credit card in 12 months then you shouldn’t go into business in the first place.

I hope you enjoyed the post, remember to share, sub and all that good stuff!

How to Scale An eCommerce Business to 10 Million a Year

Scale a businessNow before I get any hate on this article I want to say that I personally do not make 10 million a year. Maybe some currencies but not the USD. But I have made 1 million in a year using the techniques outlined below. Now if you are an experienced business man or women you can probably do this in just under a year, if you have the initial capital and time investment required. But if you are a start-up or someone just looking to get into business to make some quick money, this definitely is not for you as its primarily talking about re-investing until you reach this 10 million per year goal.

Now making 10 million a year is very similar to making 1 million per year, you just have to scale the processes you used to generate the 1 million and take it from there. For example if I think about everything I did to make 1 million, if I did this 10 times, or had 10 times the products then I would have most likely made 10 million, obviously there are a number of cases when this simply would not be the case but in my case I would actually have. But enough about me let’s get to the method itself.

QualityStage 1: Branding + 1 Product

Stage 1 is always going to be getting your branding and your first product onto the market. I would recommend getting the best product with the highest margins going first and then you can build your business around this. In some cases you might only need 1 product to reach the 10 million per year mark, but in my experience you will likely need a lot more! In this stage all you want to do is have a product you want to sell to the public (or other companies if you are B2B) and then have the branding for your product complete. This includes the website and any graphics you need. This is a lot of work but its all stage 1!

Stage 2: Promotion + Rankings

The next step is to launch your brand. Again this is tough but what I recommend is to invest a lot of money upfront in PPC, SEO and social media marketing. This might not be for everyone but the truth is these methods work better than anything I’ve seen. Build a following and keep re-investing any profits you might make. This is the key to growing so fast, you don’t want to make a profit in your first year because you have reinvested every single cent you made. This is how businesses go to 10 million in a few years and don’t hover around the million mark.

Marketing ChannelsStage 3: Open Up New Marketing Channels

Add new marketing and sales channels. If you look at what makes some businesses so successful, its that they don’t just sell directly from their website. I mean they sell mainly through the site itself, but they also sell through places like Etsy, Amazon, Ebay and even stores as well such as Boots, Tesco, Walmart. This diversification helps businesses not only make more sales but also get infront of more potential eyeballs. This in turn strengthens the brand and an even more important element – If the business does start to struggle, its not relying on a single source for sales, so you can build other sales channels without killing or relying off one completely.

Rinse Repeat ScaleStage 4: Rinse, repeat and scale

It’s easy to say when you have built your 1 product system to do the same thing but twice as fast, but the reality is you have to learn how to do this. This is why automating the entire process is so important. If you don’t then you will never reach this 10 million mark, you will also have a tough time reaching the 1 million mark too! Rinse this method, repeat it, learn from it and don’t make the same mistakes along the way. You may need to hire assistants to take care of the pre-existing products. For example I now never build ebay or Amazon listings, I outsource them all to my Amazon seller seo guy, who is frecking awesome! Now for newbies his price of $2,000+ might seem expensive, but it takes hours from me and he does a better job ranking the listings anyway!! It’s a no-brainer for me and he gets some good cash too so its a very easy way to kick start your business.

I hope you enjoyed the post and remember to like, sub and share!

3 Lessons I Learnt from my Millionaire Mentor

This is going to be a very personal article and one I have been looking forward to writing for a long time now as I think it will help a lot of people starting up their business or just looking to drive their business forward. I was lucky enough to have a client that I worked with who became my mentor, he owned a number of businesses but the largest earning over £4 million a year was bluechipcarhire.co.uk – This was a supercar rental and luxury car hire service. The business model itself is something I could never get into due to the capital, but the lessons he taught me were awesome and I owe a lot of my current success to him.

The GrindLesson 1: Don’t Rush | The Grind is Real.

If you’ve heard “the grind” before it is 100% true. Personally I’m a huge fan of the grind. It separates the individuals who can’t do it from the ones who really understand their business model and are willing to work 10 hours a day everyday from day 1. These people will be able to make great money in the long run. Take Gary Vee for example, he always talks about how he worked for 10-15 years before he became an “overnight success.” That is a great concept. You have to grind and then things will naturally fall into place! A famous quote from someone whose name escapes me was: “The more I work, the luckier I seem to become.” – Essentially what he meant was he was lucky as a result of the individual concepts and methods he put in place. Not just lucky from sitting around doing nothing all day!

Cash FlowLesson 2: Cash Flow Kills

This is a huge one that has personal relevance with me. I have personally lost entire businesses because I didn’t calculate cash flow properly. I’ve had to get £10,000 loans because I couldn’t afford to pay suppliers. And generally I used to mismanage my cash-flow. Not taking out too much profit from the business, but simply re-investing too quickly, which left me with no marketing cash flow to invest into making the sales of the current stock! This is a tough one to grasp in the early days of business, but it can literally rip your business apart so always start slow and invest your cash flow wisely. Assets are not cash!

Lesson 3: Don’t Have Ego

Ego is the enemyEgo is the most devastating force in the world. It can prevent you from reaching your dreams. It can also stop you from getting anywhere to begin with. In Ryan Holiday’s Ego is the Enemy, he talks about how bad this really is, and most people never believe they even have a problem. If you haven’t read this yet I highly recommend picking it up and getting a read in. It might just save your business, marriage or family.

That’s everything for this article, I hope you enjoyed the 3 lessons and hope you took some ideas and advice from it. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch or leave a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you.

5 Amazing Tips to Gaining Funding For Your Start-Up Business

Start Up Funding Tips

  1. FundingFirst and foremost, what you can do to fund your start-up business is to fund yourself. This means that as a start you will be the one that will handle all spending and transactions as well. You might be thinking that it would be difficult but no, keep in mind that since it is just in the start-up phase then it is normal as any business man to fund their own business from the start. No business man who suddenly decided to start a business and then it became successful the next day, success does not and never happen overnight, it is a combination of all sorts of hard work, passion, persistence, patience, dedication and of course, compromise.
  1. Laptop ImageSince it is still a start-up business you can’t just go to ask large companies to fund or invest in your start-up business, since it is not something that they can really see that is worth their time. So what you can do is start small, like your business now, since you are still funding it yourself, the people that are most likely who will support you is your family and or friends therefore, they are your first prospects in presenting your business proposal so that they will invest in your business. In this way, you will be able to get a hold of what they think about your business, and keep in mind that what they tell you are constructive criticism if there is any, don’t take it personally.
  1. Approved LoanNow in terms of getting or applying for a loan, keep in mind that you need to choose the right company for your loan application, you need to choose the one that you can trust and you are comfortable with. You need to carefully choose the company because they are the ones that you need to work with for your loan to be granted, and then eventually you need to pay them.
  1. CompetitionAnother tip that you can do where you can definitely benefit from is when you join competitions, like joining competitions for start-up companies or new products in the market, where you can get to know real business men in your field and then you can also get chance to win the prize for the contest. However if you do not win, you still get to know the businessmen who went there and then if you got good reviews for your start-up company or product/s then you get to present to them so that they will invest in your company.
  1. SpendingAnd then, most of all is that since you will be the one that will handle all the spending for the company or funding at first, so then you really need to keep your spending at a minimum. In fact, if there are times that you really need to spend then as often as you can, try to negotiate something where you will be paying less or you can have it paid at a later time so that you will have enough time to make your company bigger and earn more profit.

A New Angle For Our Site – Tech through Business

TechnologyOver the past 12 months we have been posting a lot of information about business and marketing in general. This is the industry I’m in and I love it, so I like to blog about it. The issue itself comes when Tech revolutionises business (and marketing for that matter.) Technology is such a big part of our lives nowadays that its silly to ignore it, instead I’m going to start posting more about cool tech trends I see happening as well as the normal of ways we can use this for our own businesses and marketing products we have For example 10 years ago if I said the biggest marketing trend would be social marketing on your mobile which is now called a smart-phone, chances are you would have laughed at me (or something worse.)

Personally I have 3 technology and business trends I can see happening that I have outlined below. these are something to keep an eye on over the next decade, these will change business faster than the industrial revolution changed the agricultural revolution. You can call it whatever revolution you want, but its essentially going to be evolving from the industrial revolution to the technological revolution.

3 Tech Trends That Will Affect Businesses

Quadcopter1.) Speed of Transportation

Whether this be humans, packages or even internet speeds, something will happen with speed. My guess initially is this will be due to the use of drones and other types of flying devices, but you see this already with Tesla and Uber, transport is changing and if you are still using an out dated transport method in 5 years time, you will likely be failing as a business. Drones in themselves are currently only small and powerful enough to carry a few (maybe 10KG maximum) of products, but give this 20 years and you will see giant drones transporting cars all over the sky (all using renewable technology, which brings me onto my second point.)

Update: Since posting this article we received a free quadcopter from the team at choseaquadcopter which is an online affiliate website comparing all the top drones on the market. This is from consumer drones and quadcopters all the way up to the top dogs you see on TV racing! I would highly recommend checking the site out if you are interested in that sort of thing.

Renewable Tech2.) Renewable Technology and Energy Changes Everything

Renewable energy is a big thing, but not as much as it will be in 20 years. In 10 years oil and coal will not be used, in 20 years I can see 50% of the entire world’s energy sources being renewable…. Why this didn’t happen 10 years ago is beyond me, but it will happen sooner rather than later now (government permitting of course)

These renewable energy sources will be things you are used to seeing, solar panels, wind turbines for example. but they will be used in more efficient ways, for example, wind turbines powered by computers that calculate the only times to spin. Solar panels that tilt towards the sun all day long and rotate to the most efficient positions.

Agriculture3.) Complete Agricultural and Educational Re-forms

Disruption of the agricultural and educational industries are only a few years away, probably less than 10 years. These individual industries are so outdated that a disrupter business owner will come in (similar to what Elon Musk and Tesla have done to cars) and completely blow away all of the competitors and old ways of doing things.

I hope you enjoyed reading, let me know what you think about my thoughts and if you agree that tech changes everything!

An Introduction to Keyword Research | SEO 101

Keywords and SEO 101

Keyword research

Keyword research:

The most important part of SEO!

A lame excuse for people who don’t know about ranking for everything!

There are generally 2 opinions of keyword research: The Good and the bad. But there is an ugly side and Google doesn’t help us with it!

The keyword planner is a tool created by Google to utilise keywords for people to bid on Adwords. See what people are searching and then bid on the most competitive or most highly searched terms. Great idea right? WRONG!

The problem lies in a very true statement written by Tom Buckland of Ghost Marketing:

Google’s primary aim is to generate ad revenue. If they state a keyword gets XXXX amount of searches, businesses will bid on this keyword, driving up the cost per click. In reality the keyword may only get XX number of searches, meaning that the individuals with the highest bids will appear every-time, because the search term is not frequent enough to allow more bidders to be shown. And hence, Google makes more money by inflating the numbers.

This is evident in a term that we have been trying to rank our agency for, for about 6 months now, the keyword is SEO Cardiff and although we are in the top 5 results most of the time, we haven’t had 1 visitor from the traffic! That’s a 0% conversion rate! Yet when you look in Google keyword planner you can see that the search volume is 820 and yet people continue to “search” but yet no one that ranks for this term gets any traffic or leads…. Strange.

The inflated search data is due to 2 points. The first is pretty obvious and annoyingly TRUE!

SEO’s checking ranking. If you have 30 SEO companies all trying to rank for “seo Cardiff” then you now have 30 people that are searching in Google for this term to check their rankings. Chances are they do this incredibly frequently if the average person searches 4 times a month, this has just added 120 searches per month, that is 100% inaccurate and not useful to anyone!

The second point goes back to Google being money hungry nazis. And the fact they will do anything (including making the algorithm less effective) as shown in the 2015 update with local results which was probably the worst update I’ve seen Google do since well, ever! But they did this for 1 primary reason: To increase ad revenue! And what makes you think they won’t hyper inflate their numbers to get people bidding more and more importantly bidding higher on search terms.

SEO testing

SEO testing

But the kicker comes when people have actually tested a search volume. Jerry West of webmarketingnow ran a test to rank a site in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position for a keyword that allegedly got around 4000 searches per month.

Anyway Jerry being awesome, did this and reported on the monthly traffic across the 1st site: It was about 400 visits per month from the keyword. The site in 2nd had about 100 and the site in 3rd had an average of 40 a month. Which meant that this 4000 searched term actually was getting probably nearer 700…. Tut tut tut Google! Long live Bing!

Thanks for listening to my rant.