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TechnologyOver the past 12 months we have been posting a lot of information about business and marketing in general. This is the industry I’m in and I love it, so I like to blog about it. The issue itself comes when Tech revolutionises business (and marketing for that matter.) Technology is such a big part of our lives nowadays that its silly to ignore it, instead I’m going to start posting more about cool tech trends I see happening as well as the normal of ways we can use this for our own businesses and marketing products we have For example 10 years ago if I said the biggest marketing trend would be social marketing on your mobile which is now called a smart-phone, chances are you would have laughed at me (or something worse.)

Personally I have 3 technology and business trends I can see happening that I have outlined below. these are something to keep an eye on over the next decade, these will change business faster than the industrial revolution changed the agricultural revolution. You can call it whatever revolution you want, but its essentially going to be evolving from the industrial revolution to the technological revolution.

3 Tech Trends That Will Affect Businesses

Quadcopter1.) Speed of Transportation

Whether this be humans, packages or even internet speeds, something will happen with speed. My guess initially is this will be due to the use of drones and other types of flying devices, but you see this already with Tesla and Uber, transport is changing and if you are still using an out dated transport method in 5 years time, you will likely be failing as a business. Drones in themselves are currently only small and powerful enough to carry a few (maybe 10KG maximum) of products, but give this 20 years and you will see giant drones transporting cars all over the sky (all using renewable technology, which brings me onto my second point.)

Update: Since posting this article we received a free quadcopter from the team at choseaquadcopter which is an online affiliate website comparing all the top drones on the market. This is from consumer drones and quadcopters all the way up to the top dogs you see on TV racing! I would highly recommend checking the site out if you are interested in that sort of thing.

Renewable Tech2.) Renewable Technology and Energy Changes Everything

Renewable energy is a big thing, but not as much as it will be in 20 years. In 10 years oil and coal will not be used, in 20 years I can see 50% of the entire world’s energy sources being renewable…. Why this didn’t happen 10 years ago is beyond me, but it will happen sooner rather than later now (government permitting of course)

These renewable energy sources will be things you are used to seeing, solar panels, wind turbines for example. but they will be used in more efficient ways, for example, wind turbines powered by computers that calculate the only times to spin. Solar panels that tilt towards the sun all day long and rotate to the most efficient positions.

Agriculture3.) Complete Agricultural and Educational Re-forms

Disruption of the agricultural and educational industries are only a few years away, probably less than 10 years. These individual industries are so outdated that a disrupter business owner will come in (similar to what Elon Musk and Tesla have done to cars) and completely blow away all of the competitors and old ways of doing things.

I hope you enjoyed reading, let me know what you think about my thoughts and if you agree that tech changes everything!

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