An Introduction to Solar Energy

5 Advantages of Solar Energy

Below is a video that perfectly sums up what we are going to talk about in this article. We aim to provide easy to understand information about renewable energy, and why its incredibly important (aside from the save the world) point of view. We aim to show you the profitable and ROI benefits of renewable energy, and how you can actually make money from solar, wind. hydro & the others. Another good source of solar energy intro info can be seen here.

1.) Environmentally non-polluting

An obvious one to start with is the fact that solar panels produce a reliable, non-polluting source of energy. If you are only interested in the “saving the world” argument then this is probably the reason why your reading this article. PV panels work by converting sunlight or PHOTONS into energy, in a long and relatively complex theory but the below picture sums it up quite well.

Solar Energy Basics

Solar Energy Basics

2.) Solar Panels make you money

Whether you look at solar panels from a making or saving you money point of view, they do both! Also more importantly they never stop giving. 1 thing some individuals are worried about is saving too much on their energy bill and having “wasted” energy. But in the United Kingdom and many countries in Europe the unused energy that your solar panels are producing is actually put BACK into the national grid, this essentially means you are supplying energy and electricity to the country (quite a cool thought), but it gets better. When you do this, your electricity meter actually goes backwards, so you will be saving money on energy you might have used in the night when the photon levels are lower. All of this means you can have a zero on your bill at the end of the month or quarter.

3.) It doesn’t actually need to be sunny!

Unlike wind energy generated by turbines (which always need to be turning to generate energy.) A common misconception is that when its dark, raining or night your solar panels won’t make you any energy or electricity and this is simply not true. Remember that solar panels make their energy through PV Photons and not “light”. This means that even if you live in a location that doesn’t get much sun, you can still utilise solar energy at ALL times! Sure, the levels of photons are higher in the morning/afternoon when the sun is highest and BRIGHTEST in the sky. But the photon levels are still relatively high on rainy/dark days, and hence you will still generate some energy.

4.) Easy to Install

Solar PV panels are painfully easy to install. You can either hire a solar installation expert or you can try and do it yourself, with a homemade solar panel kit. This is more time consuming and I’d only recommend doing it if you have a bit of DIY knowledge or electrical experience, but none the less this drastically reduces your costs. Saying this, the margin installation experts put on top of the material cost is usually less than 10% and for the reduced hassle, I’d recommend just contacting a local solar installation expert.

5.) Little Maintenance

Unlike some of the other (usually more powerful renewable energy sources), solar panels require very little upkeep. Most window cleaners know how to properly clean pv panels, and you can even get companies that specilise in solar cleaning. These companies usually do larger (100+ panel) cleaning jobs but if you have 10 you can usually get a decent quote. Also this will only need to be cleaned 1/2 times a year.

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