Financing Renewable Energy & Solar Panels

In early 2012 the UK government allowed grants and reduced taxes for business, both commercial and domestic who utilised renewable energy. We have gone out and interviewed 3 business owners who use solar panels or wind energy in their business.

This is what they had to say;

It’s all well and good allowing people to get a solar panel on their roof for free or with 80-90% reduced rates, but what happens when everyone starts doing it? Or what happens when a huge company gets the funds to utilise this method and suddenly the goverment is covering bills in the millions? I’m worried that it will end up being a ploy that then just turns to increased taxes. Tom Buckland of Ghost Marketing Financial SEO.

We believe that Tom might have a point. The money being covered by the Governments Green programmes has to come from somewhere, and if it doesn’t come from the UK tax payer then where does it come from? George below has a slightly different approach.

Hi, I think its a really good thing. We all know we need to be more careful about what we consume and how much energy we use, but unless there is a financial reward or something we get at the end of it, then we aren’t going to get anywhere! I know I wouldn’t be that bothered about getting solar panels if they cost 10 times what we are currently paying for them. But as they are pretty cheap and in fact have a positive ROI for our business in the long run anyway, its worth the additional cost upfront simply due to the amount your business will save in the long run. We saved over £10,000 in our first few months at

Again its difficult not to agree with what George was talking about there. They run a huge forex trading corporation and the computers alone kill most of their electricity, but 1 solar panel = 1 CPU unit, I know if they could have 1000 on their roof they would. I’ve also heard they are looking into wind, but as you know if you’ve spent anytime on our renewable energy blog, we don’t care for wind over solar. Finally we are going to hear from Peter, whose in the solar business himself

Personally I think solar energy is a great investment aside from the obvious environmental benefits. We’ve been installing solar panels for close to 20 years now and have never heard of anyone who hasn’t had a great reaction to our services from a purely financial or return on investment point of view. We believe that if you have the intial money to invest in a 100% safe investment it really is the easiest decision you have to make. Peter from 2020 Solar PV.


An Introduction to Solar Energy

5 Advantages of Solar Energy

Below is a video that perfectly sums up what we are going to talk about in this article. We aim to provide easy to understand information about renewable energy, and why its incredibly important (aside from the save the world) point of view. We aim to show you the profitable and ROI benefits of renewable energy, and how you can actually make money from solar, wind. hydro & the others. Another good source of solar energy intro info can be seen here.

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