An Introduction to Business Branding

How to Brand your business?

Branding whether this be graphic design, logos, brand management, social, website or anything has a huge role on what your potential clients and customers think of you. Whether you have 10 or 10000 staff, how your business looks will effect the buying decisions of the people who look for your business.

If you have the budget I’d recommend hiring a corporate branding agency but if you don’t have the budget for professional brand management then there are a few tips you can use to boost your businesses brand image.

Colour schemes are king

Don’t go over-board using too many fancy colours and metrics. Simply stick to a theme and run with it. Most brands that are extremely successful have 1 colour, in most cases 1-2 line logos. Think of the 5 biggest brands in the world and their logos and so extremely simple that its almost painful. Have a look at the famous logos below and you will see that its not just 1-2 logos is most of them that have an extremely simple colour scheme or shape. Create a definitive brand by owning a colour or number or shape. If I say the tick you will instantly think of the brand “Nike” if I say orange you will either think of the phone company Orange or the fruit. If I say Purple about 50% of the people instantly know that the brand is cadburys. Imagine having that power, its free advertising! You can even do this on a hyper-local level. A solar panel installation company in Worcester called 2020SolarPV have great branding and are extremely memorable to the people in their small surrounding areas. You can be a LOCAL brand super-power, it just takes work.

Famous Logos

Famous Logos

Websites Don’t matter

There is a shocker from a web designer but the truth is that websites seriously just don’t make a difference. If someone is coming to find you, they are 99% likely to contact you for your service. There are a few industries that websites do make a difference, for example if you are a web design company and your website is a mess then obviously this is going to lower conversions, but for 95% of industries it simply doesn’t make a difference!

Websites Don't Matter

Websites Don’t Matter

Print Marketing is Dead

Print marketing is dead, or at least dying, although I think my long term friend over at his company leafletgo would disagree with me. Multiple new businesses set up and go straight into this and its the most expensive mistake they make. Back to our point about how many start ups fail, this is a big reason. Too many companies try to copy the huge brands and as a result end up messing up their entire network. Don’t do random print marketing. If you own a local business and there is a local AND industry specific publication then sure by all means place an advert, this makes sense! But don’t set up your business and rush to advertise in the local newspaper, this is the easiest way to burn marketing money and get your business into financial trouble super-fast!

Long live direct marketing

In a book named Permission marketing by Seth Godin, the kind of marketing, he talks about how interruption marketing is dying. Unless you’ve been around for 50 years and your brand is instantly recognised, you should never be doing print marketing or interruption marketing! It’s a death wish for your brand and business. Direct marketing involves sourcing the right people for your product or service and reaching out to them. The most old school way of doing this used to be direct mailings, this is now quite expensive and time consuming but still a million times more effective and ROI effective than print or interruption marketing. Make sure you love the direct marketing and utilise it to your brand advantage. This not only gets your sales message in front of the decision makers but it also allows people to see your brand. Although they might not buy from you today, if they need a similar product or service in the future, why would they not go back to you? No reason!

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